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Welcome to Play Games with R using the NWS Server Technology!

The R package 'gamesNWS' provides an infrastructure to play different card games (e.g. uno, poker) in a computer network. You can play the games with your friends in the whole world or against several computer players at your local machine. For the communication a NetWorkSpace Server and the R package NWS is used. Just install a NWS Server, send the login data to your friends and start the game.

How to play a game?

Everyone has to install the 'gamesNWS' and 'NWS' package.

Than a master user (one of the players) is required: Than all players have to connect to the same server (e.g. a Uno game): playUno('MyGame', serverHost='localhost', user='username')
The rest is quite simple and will be explained during the game.

Example code for UNO:

Start three R sessions
For all:

Console 1: Console 2: Console 3: Console 1: Console 2 or 3: In default you will get a GUI. If you play with the command line, depending on the played card, you can play one of the following commands:

Implemented Games:


How to add further games to the 'gamesNWS' package?


The project summary page you can find here.